This groupmuse happened on Thursday, August 27, at 5:30 PM MDT.

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9 Foot Fazioli Frenzy!

9 Foot Fazioli Frenzy!

Thu, August 27, 2020 5:30 PM, MDT

Hello friends and future friends! Jerimiah is excited to serve you the scrumptious colors of Bach, Brahms, Bartók and Mozart on a 9 foot Fazioli grand at Woods Piano Company in Brighton, CO.


J.S. Bach - French Suite no. 2 c min (approx. 1722)
I. Allemande
II. Courante (Corrente)
III. Sarabande
IV. Air
V. Menuet
VI. Gigue (French)

Béla V. J. Bartók - Suite. Op. 14 (1918)
I. Allegretto
II. Scherzo
III. Allegro Molto
IV. Sostenuto

Johannes Brahms - Fantasien op. 116 (1892)
II. Intermezzo
III. Capriccio

W. A. Mozart - KV 485 (1786)
Rondo in D


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Jerimiah Stephen Otto, over 1 year ago

Hello! I am looking forward to performing for you next week. For the absolute best auditory experience I recommend that you order these headphones made in Sweden:

I have tried many different headphone options and these offer the most satisfying listening experience for dynamic music, second only to in-person acoustic sound.

In addition to the live performance this Thursday, you can also listen to a recorded-live video of my program anytime here:

Happy Listening!

Jerimiah Stephen Otto, over 1 year ago

Jerimiah Stephen Otto, over 1 year ago

Good morning! Thank you for listening last night. I have fixed the audio issue and the concert is now streaming in stereo. If you'd like to hear the complete audio from last night, click here:

Thank you to Philip, Groupmuse and every listener that joined us last night. I am so grateful for the opportunity to share this music with you! I hope to perform for you again soon. Email me with any questions comments or if you'd like to host your own virtual groupmuse: [email protected]. I would value hearing from you.

Jerimiah Stephen Otto, over 1 year ago


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