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This groupmuse happened on Monday, August 10, at 8:30 PM EDT.

Mon, August 10, 2020, 8:30 PM EDT

New York

This is a virtual groupmuse

An interactive chamber music concert sandwiched between a community videochat and a Q&A with the artists.

Learn about our concert format here


Hey there, Groupmuser:

The Planetary Music Movement (PMM) Forum, a bi-weekly interview/discussion with dynamic artists across the world, is back! And you're invited!!🎉

What does the PMM do? 🤔

This project seeks to guide Groupmuse’s work in helping to overcome the historical, cultural and social dominance of (European) ethnocentrism within the western classical music tradition, primarily through broadening our society’s capacity to celebrate historical and contemporary musical traditions of the planet, particularly and imminently through the inclusion and celebration of works by artists of African descent. 💯

This Monday, August 10th from 8:30-10:00pm ET, join us on Zoom or Facebook Live for an online forum where we will hear the voices and stories of Kyle Walker and his family. Critically-acclaimed pianist, Kyle Walker, is a strong advocate for social justice and equality who "believes music can speak to social issues better than verbal language can." ( Additionally, he is a founding member and chamber music producer of The Dream Unfinished, which is an activist orchestra with a mission "to use classical music as a platform to engage audiences in dialogues surrounding social and racial justice." (

Then, come watch Kyle Walk perform a live-streamed concert on Groupmuse’s platform on Friday, August 14th and experience his story come to life through the power of music. Tell a friend to tell a friend--you don't want to miss this intimate two-part program! 🔥

The forum is free 🙌 Join the conversation here: (Meeting ID: 893 4893 7725).

See you on this Monday (8/10) at 8:30 pm ET!🎶



Carol Chave


Sylvia V


Asia Vincent




Steven Andes


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