This groupmuse happened on Sunday, February 14, at 3:00 PM EST.
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Part 2: Music by women composers for flute and guitar!

Part 2: Music by women composers for flute and guitar!

Sun, February 14, 2021 3:00 PM, EST

Welcome to our groupmuse featuring Laurel Zucker, Alice Gomez, Katherine Hoover, Gwyneth Walker, and Karina Contreras. A portion of the proceeds goes to supporting Troy Savings Bank Music Hall!


Close to Home-Gwyneth Walker
I. Thanksgiving
II. Fallen Leaves
III. Rhythms

Canyon Echoes-Katherine Hoover
II. Serenade

Be Still My Soul-Rhonda Larson

Peruvian Dreams-Laurel Zucker
I. Peruvian Dry Season
II. Rainy Evening in a Peruvian Jungle
III. Tahuayo
IV. Zipline

Say Can You-Allison Loggins-Hull

Two Hearts-Alice Gomez
Brazilian Rondo-Alice Gomez

Victoria-Karina Contreras
Lilas de Agua-Karina Contreras


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Kim Fleuchaus, 7 months ago

A riveting program and an outstanding performance. Congrats!

Melanie Chirignan, 7 months ago

Thank you to everyone that attended, to TSBMH and Mike for having us and helping us out. Big thanks to Dan Foster for smoothly running tech as always.

Dave McLellan, 7 months ago

This was an excellent concert! I don't know if you guys heard me mention it during the pre-Zoom meeting, but Scott's name caught my eye since we are both Hartt School graduates. We met in March of 2016 when we played for Dick Provost's retirement concert. I also know Gwyneth Walker, since she and I were at Hartt together in the 1970's. I have played a bunch of her songs.

You guys played a great show,. I was glad to hear it!


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