This groupmuse happened on Friday, March 26, at 7:30 PM EDT.

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e132 @ home: Schumann's Carnaval – for Piano Quartet!

Fri, March 26, 2021 7:30 PM, EDT

Reserve a spot for entire 3-part series $3 to reserve, $10+ at each event

In ensemble132’s very first Groupmuse, we’ll be exploring the personal and artistic ties between one of music history's most beloved trio of friends: Clara Schumann, Robert Schumann, and Johannes Brahms. At its center is Sam Hong’s original transcription of Robert Schumann’s Carnaval, Op. 9, for piano quartet. Originally a monumental work for solo piano, each short movement captures a musical personality from an array of characters at a masked ball--from Paganini and Chopin to figures from the commedia dell'arte.

You’ll also hear works by Clara Schumann–Robert’s wife and lifelong champion–and Johannes Brahms, one of the couple’s dearest friends. Be prepared for a night of Romantic masterworks!

Stephanie Zyzak, violin
Zhanbo Zheng, viola
Zach Mowitz, cello
Sam Hong, piano


ensemble132 Chamber Music Collective

Clara Schumann Romance for Violin, Op. 22
I. Andante molto

Johannes Brahms Piano Quartet in C Minor, Op. 60
I. Allegro non troppo
III. Andante

Robert Schumann/Sahun Hong "Carnaval," Op. 9 for piano quartet
(Full list of movements to be provided at event)


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Zachary Mowitz


Sam Bodkin Emcee
Deborah Sherr
Ira J. Mowitz
Linda Vallee
Ricki Goldman
Larry Leive
Alexander Jin
Laura Park
Myoungyou Hong
Aaron Mowitz
Paula Farrington
Jack Alan
Eliot Lee
Carol Armstrong
Marcy Rosen
Deborah Robbins
Grayson Barber
Valerie Cuppens Bates
Melody Ting
Avani Wildani
Sayoko Glasseer
Yat-Yee Chong
Arthur Luehrmann
Janice Carissa
Lee shlifer
Karen James
Lorraine Weinberg
Bob Fies
Catherine Meyer
Frances Hogwood
Evan inatome
Alex jodidio
Linda Granitto
George Novotny
Anne Moran
Charlotte Hadley
David Foster
Rhoda Papaioannou
Jocelyn Eysymontt
Maya Abtahian
Liz Hosny

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