This groupmuse happened on Saturday, November 20, at 7:00 PM EST.

This is a Groupmuse Virtual Premiere

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Mostly Mozart Program
Virtual Premiere

Mostly Mozart Program

Sat, November 20, 2021 7:00 PM, EST

Welcome to our Mostly Mozart Concert!


W.A. Mozart -
Overture: La finta Giardiniera, K. 196

Franz Joseph Haydn
Symphony no. 45 in F sharp minor ( the Farewell Symphony )

W.A. Mozart
Piano Concerto no. 19, K. 459 in F Major
Zheyu Jiang, pianist


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Nicole Fowler, 9 months ago

Will there be any recordings of this posted anywhere after the performance? I am attending this concert for a school report and would like to be able to go back and reference specific parts of the performance.

The Symphony of Westchester, 9 months ago

Hi Nicole:

Thank you for your question!

At this point, we are not sure. Kindly check back with me in about 1 week.

Many thanks and enjoy the performance tonight!

Best regards,


Simon Linn-Gerstein, 9 months ago

Hi Nicole, if the Symphony decides to keep the video publicly available, you will be able to come back to this page on Groupmuse to re-watch the video any time. Enjoy the concert!


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