This groupmuse happened on Sunday, June 5, at 5:00 PM PDT.

This is an in-person Groupmuse Concert

A live in-person performance in a living room or private space. They're casual and friendly, hosted by community members.

SEASON FINALE! WineMusic LA presents "The Four Seasons of Buenos Aires" and Wine Pairing
In-person Concert

SEASON FINALE! WineMusic LA presents "The Four Seasons of Buenos Aires" and Wine Pairing


Sun, June 5, 2022 5:00 PM, PDT

COVID-19 protocols at this groupmuse

The COVID-19 protocols for this groupmuse apply to all performers/hosts as well as attendees.

60 spots total at this groupmuse
Drinking policy
No alcohol at this groupmuse
Age limit
All guests must be 21
Dogs live here
ADA access


WineMusic LA Superhost

What is WineMusic?
WineMusic is a donation based concert series and wine tasting event that offers a journey for the senses by combining musical/performing arts and the culinary arts.

Should I bring my own Wine?
No! Through the collaborative efforts of professional musical performers and wine experts/sommeliers/winemakers, WineMusic will be offering a specific tasting menu, and all wine is provided.

How does it work?
Careful research and thoughtful dedication will be put into the pairing of wine and the musical work which is chosen to create a unique correlation between sound and taste. Each piece of music will be accompanied by a wine pour from our tasting menu. After each piece, there will be a short discussion between the musician, the wine expert, and the audience about the pairing.

Do I need to know about wine or music?
No! All people are accepted regardless of your experience with music and wine. Our wine experts and musicians will lead the discussion. No one will be required to engage in the discussion unless they choose to do so.

Do I need to pay to participate?
WineMusic is currently being funded by the hosts. Groupmuse requires a $5 reservation fee in exchange for hosting our event on their platform. The "$35+ at the event" is our suggested donation amount. Our goal is to try and create a sustainable concert series and to do that we will need contributions from patrons like you! This donation will go towards paying the musicians, wine host, as well as wine. Information on how to donate will be available at the event.

Learn more about our featured guest artists and Wine Expert by clicking on their websites below!


Antonina Styczen Flute
Pola Benke Cello

The Four Seasons of Buenos Aires
1. Verano porteño
2. Otoño porteño
3. Invierno porteño
4.Primavera porteño


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Gabe Saglie Emcee
Megan Dostal
Emily Smith
Thomas Tileston
Jana Carter
Julie Halverson
Erica Deutsch
Laurie Arent
Claire Paik
Maura Donahue
Paul Beckman
Dale Richard Howard
Elise Lampert
Rebecca J Tager
Hernan Galperin
Arsen Jamkotchian
Esperanza Evans
Randy Borden
Kate Mackintosh
Iris Bai
Alaia Williams
Damir Price
Brigitte Perreault
Maayan Bick
Jasmine Sankaran
Grant Michael Palmer
Daniel Goodman
Felix Alvarez
Eden Aabodi
Stephanie Anderson
David Goodman
Vishant Khunti
Michele ilusorio
Steve Chiu
Yoni Keyman
Kevin Belcher
Ariel Rel Bleiberg
Constantin Strauss
Katherine Stone
Gregory H. Halverson
Henry Tucker