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WineMusic presents "The Perfect Pair" | Piano Duo and Wine Pairing (wine tasting incl.)

Downtown Los Angeles, Los Angeles

Sat, May 27, 2023 7:00 PM, PDT

Vaccine policy
COVID vaccine not required
Testing policy
COVID testing not required
This is an indoor event
Mask policy
Masks are not required
If you feel sick, stay home
Drinking policy
Don't bring your own drinks
Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks provided
Age limit
All guests must be 21
Wheelchair access
Not wheelchair accessible

This is a groupmuse

A live concert in a living room, backyard, or another intimate space. They're casual and friendly, hosted by community members.


What is WineMusic?
WineMusic is a concert series and wine tasting event that offers a journey for the senses by combining musical/performing arts and the culinary arts.

Should I bring my own Wine?
No! Through the collaborative efforts of professional musical performers and wine experts/sommeliers/winemakers, WineMusic will be offering a specific tasting menu where all wine is provided and included in the price.

How does it work?
Doors open at 7pm for a pre concert mingle for guests to arrive, to enjoy the initial tasting of the wine selection and to build acquaintances/connections. At 7:30, the music performance and wine pairing starts. The evening concludes with a post-concert mingle with the guests artists and attendees along with more wine and special custom crafted wine-based cocktails for purchase at the bar.

Careful research and thoughtful dedication will be put into the pairing of wine and the musical work which is chosen to create a unique correlation between sound and taste. Each piece of music will be accompanied by a wine pour from our tasting menu. After each piece, there will be a short discussion between the musician, the wine expert, and the audience about the pairing.

Do I need to know about wine or music?
No! All people are accepted regardless of your experience with music and wine. Our wine experts and musicians will lead the discussion. No one will be required to engage in the discussion unless they choose to do so.

**WineMusic's May 27th event, "The Perfect Pair," promises to be an enchanting evening of classical music and wine, perfectly curated for a memorable experience. We are thrilled to showcase the immensely talented husband and wife duo, Eva Schaumkell and Vijay Venkatesh, widely known as the Vieness Piano Duo. Renowned for their exceptional artistry and synchronicity, the Vieness Piano Duo will grace the stage, bringing forth a unique blend of passion, precision, and musicality that is sure to captivate every listener. Their seamless collaboration and shared musical vision will transport the audience into a realm of sheer musical brilliance.

As WineMusic, we take great pride in not only presenting extraordinary music but also elevating your senses through the perfect wine pairings. Our carefully selected wines from Le Vigne Winery, hand-selected by our wine expert and host, Gabe Saglie, will enhance your sensory experience, harmonizing with the enchanting melodies and creating an unforgettable evening that indulges both your palate and your love for music. Prepare to be enthralled by the harmonious fusion of exceptional music and exquisite wines at "The Perfect Pair" event on May 27th.

The musical program will begin with a selection of Johannes Brahms' "Hungarian Dances. These lively and rhythmic dances are sure to engage the audience and set the tone for the rest of the evening.

Next on the program is Ernesto Lecuona's "Malaguena," a passionate and virtuosic piece that is often associated with the flamenco dance tradition. This will be followed by Samuel Barber's "Pas de deux," a lyrical and expressive duet that showcases the beauty of the violin and piano.

The program will then feature Astor Piazzolla's riveting "Libertango," a modern tango composition that blends traditional elements with jazz and classical influences. This piece is known for its energetic rhythms and intricate harmonies, making it a thrilling addition to the program.

The second half of the program will feature Camille Saint-Saëns' "The Carnival of the Animals," a suite of 14 movements that depict various animals and creatures.

Please join us for an unforgettable evening of classical music, wine and culture!**

Learn more about our featured guest artists and Wine Expert by clicking on their websites below:

What's the music?

The Perfect Pair

J. Brahms - Hungarian Dances
no. 3 in f major, Allegretto
no. 4 in f minor, Poco Sostenuto
no. 5 in f-sharp minor, Allegro vivace

E. Lecuona - Malaguena
S. Barber - Pas de deux
A. Piazzolla - Libertango

C. Saint-Saëns - The Carnival of the Animals Part I
Introduction and Royal March of the Lion
Hens and Roosters
Fast Animals/Wild Donkeys
The Elephant

C. Saint-Saëns - Carnival of the Animals Part II
Donkeys/Persons with Long Ears
The Cuckoo in the Depths of the Woods
The Aviary
The Swan


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