Heavy Meadow and Joe Hill at Hearthside Homes

Heavy Meadow and Joe Hill at Hearthside Homes

Historic Poolesville

Wed, June 26, 2024 7:00 PM, PDT

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Bring any drinks except red wine
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Not wheelchair accessible

This is a groupmuse

A live concert in a living room, backyard, or another intimate space. They're casual and friendly, hosted by community members.


Steve G.

Dear all,

Traveling bard Heavy Meadow is coming through our beloved historic Poolesville to share some some songs and story of the Joe Hill — the greatest song-maker in the history of the Labor movement. Executed by the State of Utah over a century ago for a crime he didn’t commit, Joe Hill is the ultimate testament to the power of song.

Following this one act, Heavy Meadow will play a set of his own originals from his first album, The Fool and his recently released second album The Magician — both of which were recorded here at 20330 White’s Ferry Road.

What's the music?

Heavy Meadow Guitar, Voice

I’ll be playing a set of original tunes, which have been described as psychedelic eco-spiritual freak folk. I’ll play a selection from my first album The Fool, and my newest album The Magician.

I’ll also be playing a set of songs by and of Joe Hill, the most beloved union song-maker of the early 20th century, and a prominent member of the IWW, the most revered and feared union of its day. Executed in 1915 by the state of Utah for a crime he didn’t commit, Joe Hill spent some of his formative years in LA, and his songs have never been more relevant for this city in strike and struggle.

PS I’m also Sam, founder of Groupmuse, but on stage, I go by my bard’s name, Heavy Meadow

Where does this music come from?

My own music finds primary inspiration from the luminaries of the 1960’s, with a 90’s alternative edge, and an unmistakable classical influence, born of my deep love of older forms.

The music of Joe Hill comes from his years of struggle, zigzagging across the country as an intinerant laborer, fighting for dignity and justice through song.

Many of his songs are actually based on popular melodies that came before, so he himself was a steward of musical lineage as well.

He was a major influence on Woody Guthrie, who was a major influence on Bob Dylan, who is my most major influence as a bard. May the circle be unbroken 🙌🎶💜


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