This groupmuse happened on Saturday, April 28, at 7:30 PM PDT.

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Seattle's First Massivemuse: Mozart's Don Giovanni with Operamuse

Seattle's First Massivemuse: Mozart's Don Giovanni with Operamuse

University District, Seattle

Sat, April 28, 2018 7:30 PM, PDT
(Ticket sales closed Apr 28, 6:30 PM PDT)

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Seattle, you beautiful city. Though you're among our longest-standing and most loyal cities, you've yet to try one of the sweetest fruits of the Groupmuse Tree: The Massivemuse. A Massivemuse is a scaled up groupmuse - we find a nice big space, keep it cozy and boozy, and we groupmuse in the Grand Style, celebrating the scope of the community we've all built together.

And now, we're grateful to announce that the Seattle Massivemuse dry spell has come to an end, and who better to end it than the whiz kids at Operamuse! *Operamuse *is one of the sublime organic creations of the Groupmuse-iverse. Completely independent of Groupmuse HQ, two brilliant Seattleites, Mike and Sammie, started Operamuse, whereby they take a beloved masterpiece of the operatic repertoire, scale it down to living room size, translate and update the script, and bring a centuries-old work right into the present moment, to share in Groupmuse living rooms all around your city.

They've done over half a dozen of these, all of which have been runaway successes, and now, they're taking the project to the Massivemuse stage, with what is arguably the greatest opera ever written: W. A. Mozart's Don Giovanni.

A cautionary tale about the most reprehensible Casanova in the history of literature, Don Giovanni has a resonance now, in our #MeToo moment, like it never has before. And Operamuse has done a splendid job bringing it up to the present, casting the wretched Don G. as an Axe-drenched frat bro, living out his depraved fantasies across college campuses all over.

But be forewarned, adult language and themes make this an R-rated, trigger-laden evening. But for all of the the weight that the subject matter entails, it'll be a worthy meditation on one of the defining struggles of our age -- and of ages past. Moreover, the music is great beyond description or belief.


Opera Unbound singers, piano

Giovanni - Mike Heitmann
Leporello - Jonah Spool
Elvira - Sammie Gorham
Anna/Zerlina - Clarice Alfonso
Commendatora - Rachelle Moss
Piano - Beth Tankersley
Stage and Music Director - Ben Cleveland


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Mike Heitmann, over 4 years ago

We’re almost there! We hope you’re as stoked as we are for this weekend. A few things about the Massivemuse, some of which are regular for Groupmuse, and some that are not.
Since many of you may have never been to a Groupmuse performance before, this will be a very different experience than you may be used to.

First of all, it’s completely informal. You can dress to the 9’s or the 3’s, either way doesn’t matter to us. All we care is that you come and enjoy the show.

Since it is a ticketed event, we won’t be passing out a donation hat at intermission. That said, WE WILL BE CLOSING TICKET SALES AT 5:00PM SATURDAY in order to make sure we have an updated list of who has purchased online. You can still buy them at the door for the same price ($20) and it will be cash only. Doors open at 7:00pm.

For those who have been to a GM before, you’ll probably remember some venues allow for sitting on the floor. This is true of our venue, however it is a wood floor, so if that’s your preference you’ll want to bring a blanket/yoga mat. We will fill the room with as many chairs as they will allow and will also have standing room only if needed.

All GM’s are usually BYOB, but this is not. There will be a bar there to purchase alcohol, so don’t bring any.

If you have any questions, feel free to message us and we will be happy to help you.

Let the countdown begin...

Mike Heitmann, over 4 years ago

Last night was a great way to start Massivemuses in Seattle! Looking forward to more of them.

Charlotte Thompson, over 4 years ago

I really enjoyed the Massivemuse. I didn’t know what to expect, having never seen Operamuse before. My daughter and I found it funny, beautifully sung, and just the right length. In addition, we had a Japanese dinner across the street and free parking.

Sammie Gorham, over 4 years ago

Thank you for coming out and supporting us! Don Giovanni was so much fun, thanks to our fantastic audience! Check out OperaMuse on Facebook, Instagram, and our website for more!


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