Unfortunately, this groupmuse was canceled.

Sat, February 2, 2019, 4:00 PM


A groupmuse is a live classical music house party-concert.

It's casual, friendly, and intimate. Anyone can host one, and anyone can come.

25 spots total
at this groupmuse


Minimum payment
to musicians
$3 reservation fee
Bring your
own drinks
Cats live here
Not accessible



Hakhamanesh Mostafavi
First-time host

Hello everyone!

My wife and I had a blast attending Groupmuse events, enjoying the delightful company and music (my wife is a New York based pianist, and has been a Groupmuse performer for a while now.) This inspired us to begin hosting ourselves, beginning with two of the most remarkable duo sonatas in the classical repertoire, Brahms f minor and Poulenc Clarinet sonatas. We are so thrilled to invite our lovely friend and incredible Clarinetist Madison Freed to join us for the evening.



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