Sat, August 17, 5:00 PM

Southwest Hillsboro

A living room groupmuse

Live classical shows in community living rooms. They're casual, friendly, and intimate, and anyone can host.

35 spots total
at this groupmuse


Minimum payment
to musicians
$3 reservation fee
Bring your
own drinks
Not accessible
Kid-friendly event



Andy Taylor
8th-time host

You've seen a lot of fun, quirky stuff from us this year. But nothing like this... a Groupmuse concert on the wing of a Boeing 727 airplane. Oh no they didnt? Oh yes we will!

This concert will be outdoors, in the woods, on the wing of a private home residence on a retired airplane. The concert theme will be "Night at the Movies". There will be several adjustments to our usual format:
1. Please plan for minimum per person donations of $15 for the musicians.
2. The setting is a mostly undeveloped wooded area (forest), near a vintage airplane. All attendees will be asked to sign an injury waiver prior to attending.
2. You will need to bring lawn chairs, or blankets, or be comfortable standing for the duration. No seating is provided.
3. You might want mosquito repellent, hats, a water bottle, long sleeves, a flashlight - anything you'd take to be comfortable in a forest setting on a summer evening.
4. There is very little parking outside of the property. You can drive onto the property if your car can safely handle a steep, muddy, rutted, undeveloped dirt road. If you prefer to carpool, please let me know and I'll try to match up attendees. Expect to walk between a few hundred feet up to 2/10 of a mile to get to the site. Wear appropriate footwear for forest hiking.
5. Tours inside the plane before and after the concert will be provided by our host, Bruce.
6. Restrooms are available on board the plane. There is a clean-footwear protocol for anyone entering the plane.

7. Pack it in, pack it out. Leave no trace.



Portlandia Brass Ensemble

Brass Quintet (or Quartet or Trio)

Selections from West Side Story - Bernstein
Back to the Future - Silvestri
Amadeus medley - Mozart
Selections from Rodeo - Copland
American in Paris - Gershwin
Toy Story - Newman



Grant More



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