This groupmuse happened on Saturday, September 21, at 7:00 PM EDT.

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Classical Piano Solo, Duo wClarinet, Trio wClarinet & Violin; POT-LUCK DINNER Party, 2 Sets
In-person Concert

Classical Piano Solo, Duo wClarinet, Trio wClarinet & Violin; POT-LUCK DINNER Party, 2 Sets

Wood Acres near Glen Echo Park

Sat, September 21, 2019 7:00 PM, EDT

26 spots total at this groupmuse
Drinking policy
Bring your own drinks
Age limit
All guests must be 21
Cats live here
ADA access

This event will be POT LUCK starting at 7p with Wine & Appetizers, music at 8p with two full sets. Early Fall chique--no poorly dressed guests, 4 decks/4 bridges open, 4 fish ponds open, Wine/Bar Appetizers and later dinner, 2 full sets; all guests will be seated for the performance. This is my 10th GroupMuse event and the 51st SOLOX House Concert at Milo. Host to provide 2-3 dishes and Punch. Pot-Luck is Voluntary but expected, APPETIZERs MOST desired (Heavy hors d'oeuvre's); nice if you can bring something wonderful to share. Wine/Beer is BYOB. Expected minimum payment to artist is $15-20, arrivals at 7p. Note: Doors Close at 8p during first 30-40 minute set; open at intermission for dinner, closed again during performance 2nd set. Wine Bar, Appetizers first; all decks open, note: ADVANCE PAYMENTS ONLY $15 via GroupMuse Credit Card, or My PayPal Link. NO CASH AT THE DOOR (CASH is not legal if wine/beer is served). If unable to pay in advance, checks made out to JEREMY EIG, in an envelope with your name, are OK. All coats and bags, please take upstairs, any room. YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE A TERRIFIC TIME, PARTY AFTER CONCERT until midnight!


Joel Ayau

Dvorak: Songs My Mother Taught Me
Brahms: Sonata, Op. 78 in G


Marquez: Zarabandeo
Debussy: Claire de lune
Schoenfield: Four Souvenirs
Grandell: Por una Cabeza
Piazzolla: Primavera Portena


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CaptainRix WhiteUSNavyRetired, almost 3 years ago

Welcome to Milo. You will have a wonderful time tonight. Please consider bringing an appetizer, a side dish, or healthy dessert for the Pot Luck dinner party. Wine bar is BYOB. Dress well but comfortably, all will be seated for the trio in the music room. Note that doors open at 7p, but close at 8p when the music begins, re-opening during the break (dinner served as well), desserts after the second set. Please take all BAGS and COATS upstairs, anywhere is fine. WC on main level just at rear of music room and Two more Upstairs. Again, Welcome to 6005 Milo 20816, see you tonight. Warm regards, richard +>÷

CaptainRix WhiteUSNavyRetired, almost 3 years ago

Addendum: please pay Artists in advance, either on the SOLOX PayPal button, or using the GroupMuse credit card payment. DO NOT BRING CASH. You may also bring a check made out to Jeremy Eig, in a sealed envelope with your name on the envelope, please give it to Mr. Eig ... CASH AT THE DOOR is ILLEGAL in all DC AREA JURISDICTIONS, if alcohol is served, this is true in most of the US ... this is a private home, not a facility with a liquor license, which is required if admission is accepted and wine is available.


Jon Hiatt
Steve Blume
Linda Koenig
Rosanne Gochman
Susie Eig
Stephanie Grant Knauer