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New York, NY
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Hi! I'm Justine — a flutist, graduate of Ithaca College, trained in career development at Juilliard, and an arts administrator who's worked behind the scenes at Carnegie Hall, The Metropolitan Opera, and the American Ballet Theatre. I love (and play!) everything from to Beethoven to Kanye West, and my specialty is "new" classical music and performing pieces by living composers.

One of my favorite performances was when I was invited to play at the 2015 National Flute Association Convention (I promise it's less nerdy than it sounds). A friend and colleague of mine organized a concert in which we removed all of the chairs in the room, brought together five groups of prominent female flutists (plus ourselves), and performed a range of electronic music to a beatboxed cello arrangement, surrounding the audience with visual art created on site and installed in various parts of the hall. Who knows — maybe we could come up with something similar for our Groupmuse together!

Hope to play for you soon! xo

@sojustinesays for instas and tweets / for more info.

Traditional Repertoire

Partita by J.S. Bach
– a standard. four movements explore the range of the flute in speed, register, and musicality. four movements/approx. 10 minutes total.
Syrinx by Claude Debussy
– depicting the pursuit of the nymph Syrinx by the god Pan, Syrinx is a beautiful and short piece. approx. three minutes.
Trois Pieces by Pierre-Octave Ferroud
– a sprightly collection of Asiatic influenced short pieces. three movements/approx. eight minutes total.
Fantasias by Georg Philipp Telemann
– twelve sets of fantasy pieces in a variety of different keys and styles. approx. six-ten minutes each. pick one or pick three!

Sequenza by Luciano Berio
– a groundbreaking piece that experimented on the full capacity of the flute’s power. approx. seven minutes.
The Great Train Race by Ian Clarke
– have you ever heard a flute player sing and play simultaneously? this is the piece for you! approx. four minutes.
Cinq Incantations by André Jolivet
– Jolivet’s incantations retrace the social and religious journey of an existence, from birth to death. five movements/approx. 18 minutes total.
Früh by Bruno Mantovani
– based on the theater world of dramatic juxtapositions, this piece emulates the different types of characters you would find on stage. approx. seven minutes.
Density 21.5 by Edgard Varèse
– one of the first contemporary pieces for flute. demonstrates a range of rhythmic changes, highs and lows, and louds and softs. approx. four minutes.
Tango Études by Astor Piazzolla
– fun, rhythmic pieces written by a virtuoso bandoneonist (say that five times fast!). three movements/approx. three-seven minutes each.

*multi-movement pieces work well separately or played in their entirety! I'm happy to help you pick something that fits the style, pace, and mood of your event!

+ jazz!
+ improv!
+ other musicians! (upon request/ample notice)
+ songs by request! (ditto)


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Kidmuse in Clinton Hill

  • Saturday, January 5, 2019, at 3:30 PM
  • Clinton Hill

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This groupmuse happened over 1 year ago