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Pittsburgh, PA
String quartet + drums = symphonic BBQ

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CutTime Simfonica® is a string band born within the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, the brain-child of bassist-composer Rick Robinson (aka Mr. CutTime). His lively passion for symphony, "real people" and partying, plus the death of his father, called him to split from DSO in 2011 and bring his passions together. Recently relocating to Pittsburgh, Robinson recruits musicians and partners nationally to feature his famous symphonic covers and award-winning originals alternating sensuous romanticism with deep, funky grooves.

Dubbing the style "Classical Soul" or "New Classical," Mr. CutTime means to cut loose with classical and be a shortcut into symphonic music.

Mr. CutTime demystifies classical music by sharing tips, effective analogies, modern scenes, body language, yelling, and showing why a symphony is a pretty cool tool. Dance is a constant theme and audiences join the fun on small percussion. CutTime keeps slow music to a minimum so adventure, action, dancing and laughs dominate.

Traditional Repertoire

Custom symphonic reductions, standard chamber music, Ellington and rock covers, and Robinson's often gospel-inspired new music.

Vivaldi - Four Seasons
Bach - Orch. Suite No. 3, Brandenburgs 1 & 3
Mozart - Symphony No. 25, 29, 40 (Samba), Quartet No. 17 in B-flat (Hunt), Divertimento in D, EKNM
Beethoven - Symphony No. 5, 6 (Pastoral) openings
Tchaikovsky - Waltz from Serenade for Strings
Brahms - Hungarian Dance No. 5
Joplin - Entertainer Rag
Strauss - Blue Danube Waltzes, Radetzky's March
Prokofiev - March from Love for Three Oranges
Still - Animato from Symphony No. 1
Ellington - Martin Luther King
Robinson - Pork 'n Beans
Robinson - City of Trees
Robinson - Gitcha Groove On!
Robinson - Serenade from Mighty Love
Robinson - Stuck from Phantom Detroit
Jackson - Billie Jean
Fall Out Boys - Dance, Dance
Bowie - Let's Dance
Lenox - Sweet Dreams
Special programs: Christmas, MLK, Valentine's Day.



Model-T Magic by Rick Robinson