A Massivemuse producer brings to life a large event (called a “Massivemuse”) in their local city, on behalf of Groupmuse. Massivemuses are wonderful and rare opportunities for an entire city of community members to gather for an extraordinary classical music performance in a special space, to celebrate profundity, human connection, and all the other values we try to put into Groupmuse. These events are our some of our biggest opportunities to engage our existing community and to share Groupmuse with new crowds. The producer is responsible for designing, planning, and promoting a Massivemuse, as well as running the event in person when it occurs.


Hold one successful Massivemuse in your city within three months of starting. A successful Massivemuse:

  • Has 150 or more RSVPs to the event (with many people new to Groupmuse)
  • Reflects Groupmuse’s mission and values
  • Includes high-quality classical music and time for social connection
  • Gets great quality feedback from attendees and musicians


You’ll be assigned a Groupmuse team member who will schedule regular phone and text check-ins with you to ensure that your questions and issues are resolved. In addition, you’ll be provided with a detailed production guide that outlines the goals and considerations for producing a Groupmuse Massivemuse, and we'll support you in various other ways, including promotion and local connections.


$30/hr, expected about 20 hours.

Paid in full after the Massivemuse, dependent on the event happening. Of course, if the event is cancelled due to some crazy force majeure beyond anyone’s control, we can be flexible here.

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