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Philadelphia, PA

Alfonso Gutierrez @alfonso_gutierrez



Currently based in Philadelphia, Alfonso was born and raised in Cádiz, Spain. Alfonso started playing cello when he was only 3 years old under the guidance of his mom, Cristina Moreno. He started taking private lessons shortly after with Carmen Teixeira, from the Royal Seville Symphony Orchestra. He performed in many recitals around the country while studying in the conservatory where he was accepted at the age of 7. In 2014 he was accepted to the Orquesta Beigbeder in Jerez de la Frontera, where he performed in Spain and France.
Alfonso moved to America in 2017 to continue his musical studies. where he took private lessons with Jeffrey Hood, from the Dallas Symphony Orchestra. He holds a bachelor’s and a master’s degree from DePaul University and Temple University, where he studied with Brant Taylor and John Koen respectively.
He has also received lessons from Benjamín Rodríguez, Walter Gray, Amy Frost Baumgarten, Stephen Balderston and Gethyn Jones.


Trained in classical music but with experience with other genres such as jazz, improvisation or Spanish folk music

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  • Living room

    Cello Music with a View

    Sunday, Jun 30, 2024 6:30 PM EDT

    • Neighborhood: Center City West, Philadelphia
    • Price: $5 to reserve, $20+ at event

    Happened 21 days ago