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Stream live concerts on Groupmuse

The ideal container for an online performance.

Our platform helps to build your crowd and our trained emcees hold the space so that audience members meaningfully participate — and generously contribute.

We've organized 319 virtual concerts since March, with an average pay of $325 per player.

Live streamed performances are performances — our community reveres them as such, and our team supports you the whole way.

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Our streaming program

  • 1

    YouTube Live + Zoom = A real virtual concert

    Virtual groupmuses aren't 1-way streams; a Zoom videochat connects all the participants together before and after the performance. Connect, applaud, and celebrate together!

  • 2

    Our staff will emcee your every show

    Staff emcees run the Zoom, manage the transition to your performance stream, attend to audience technical difficulties, make a strong money ask, and ensure a smooth experience for everyone.

  • 3

    $100 guaranteed minimum per player

    If audience contributions do not reach a total of $100 per musician, the (new) Groupmuse Foundation will pay the difference (for up to 3 musicians), ensuring fair pay for every performance.

  • 4

    Audience email-newsletter opt-ins

    While making a reservation or while making a contribution, audience members will have the option to opt-in directly to your own separate email newsletter. Import those email addresses directly into your own system.

  • 5

    Ask a supporter to help build your crowd through our "Virtual Host" program

    Virtual hosts invite their community to the concert and add an extraordinarily valuable social element to the experience. Learn more.

Program requirements

Groupmuses feature short, 45-minute programs that are always at least 50% traditional classical repertoire. Other than that, design your own programs and include whatever you want to play!


At the show, each audience member pays the musicians at least $10 (which we’ll send to you without taking a cut). Groupmuse only keeps the $3 reservation fee for reserving a spot at a show.

We're committed to fair pay for musicians and accessibility for audiences, and we try to be as transparent about it as possible - read more here.


Groupmuses are just as much about community building as they are about music. So please join the Zoom beforehand if you can, and definitely join afterwards for the Q&A!