Host a virtual groupmuse

Gather community around live music in a time of social isolation.

Invite friends, family, colleagues to enjoy a live concert from the comfort of your respective living rooms. See the faces you miss while supporting fantastic musicians.

It’s completely free to host, and we’ll help every step of the way.

Fill out a host application
(takes 2 minutes)

How it works

You can host virtual groupmuses during the coronavirus, they just work a little differently. Sign up above to get involved!

  • 1

    Chat with the Groupmuse team

    After you've decided to host, you’ll book a time for your first conversation with a Groupmuse team member. We’ll explain everything you need to know, make sure you’re ready to host, answer questions, and take it from there.

  • 2

    Pick a date for your first groupmuse

    Once you’ve chosen a date, create your first event on our site. You’ll set your own capacity, and other helpful details for guests.

  • 3

    Local professional musicians come to you

    Sit tight while musicians from our network of high-level professionals make offers to play. We’ll assign the group that works best for your time, location, and capacity, and introduce you to your performers.

  • 4

    Invite your community

    Once we find musicians, it’s time to build the crowd! Every groupmuse is a mix of the host’s community and the local Groupmuse community. Invite friends and neighbors with emails, flyers, etc., and expect some local groupmusers to join, as well!

  • 5

    Emcee your groupmuse

    Our Host Checklist makes it easy to run your groupmuse smoothly. You’ll gather the crowd, introduce the musicians, and make sure everyone in the audience makes a contribution for the performers.

  • 6

    Find your bliss

    Close your eyes, and let the music wash over you! Hear the breath of the musicians, and feel the focus of an entire room of people connected over the same moment of expression. No phones, no talking - just music that’s been rocking our world for hundreds of years.


You’ll always have full control over who gets your address, and who doesn’t. After thousands of concerts, we still have had zero incidents.

Who pays?

Hosting is free, but everyone in attendance is expected to make a contribution of at least $10 for the musicians. Also, audience members will pay a $3 reservation fee to book their spot online.

Can I make requests?

Just as much as Groupmuse is about community building, it’s about creating intimate, enriching performance opportunities for professional musicians. As such, we insist that musicians retain artistic control over their programs, instead of audiences and hosts.