It’s very important to us that all groupmuses are inclusive, accessible, safe, and respectful.

Please embody these values at all Groupmuse events, and report any misconduct here.


Groupmuse is open to everyone. Our website and our groupmuses are places where everyone is welcome, regardless of age, race, class, religion, physical ability, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, or political beliefs.


We believe that music and community gatherings should be accessible, welcoming, low-cost, and available to all, regardless of the resources at their disposal. (Not all groupmuses are ADA-accessible, because not all homes are! If you have questions about the accessibility of a home, feel free to message the host).


Groupmuses are great because they're safe, comfortable spaces for our community members. It is our goal that the places our members visit, in person and online, and the folks attending any event exude safety and comfort.


In order to become a thriving, global community, Groupmuse knows that our members must treat one another with the utmost respect. Groupmuse does not tolerate unwelcome aesthetic judgement, evaluation, or commentary on another's physical appearance.