This groupmuse happened on Saturday, September 19, at 2:30 PM EDT.

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A Celebration of Piano Music by Black Composers!
Virtual Livestream

A Celebration of Piano Music by Black Composers!

Sat, September 19, 2020 2:30 PM, EDT


Jana Trenk

Hi all,
I'm very excited to present a program this afternoon featuring solo piano works by Florence Price, Willie "The Lion" Smith, James P. Johnson, and Samuel Coleridge-Taylor. These unique pieces range in style from Romantic to Stride and Blues.

I've been thinking a lot about the recent police brutality incidents and share this program in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. I will donate 50% of the proceeds from this event to the Sphinx Organization:
The Sphinx Organization is a social justice organization that addresses the underrepresentation of people of color in classical music, and supports diversity and inclusion in the field.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!


Florence Price - Sonata in E Minor
Willie "The Lion" Smith - Tango A La Caprice
James P. Johnson - April in Harlem
Samuel Coleridge-Taylor - Forest Scenes: The Lone Forest Maiden, Erstwhile They Ride, The Forest Maiden Acknowledges Her Love


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Moriah Trenk, almost 2 years ago

Thanks for coming, it was great to see all of you!

Howard Schranz, almost 2 years ago

Terrific recital! Moriah's introductions were invaluable to appreciate this music, which was new to many of us.

Carrie Feiner, almost 2 years ago

Concert was amazing. Excellent performance!!!!


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