This groupmuse happened on Friday, October 16, at 3:00 PM EDT.

This is a Virtual Groupmuse.

Connect to great musicians and a warm and welcoming community over live performances streamed into your home.

Let’s chat. How do we scale a truly regenerative platform?

Let’s chat. How do we scale a truly regenerative platform?

Fri, October 16, 2020 3:00 PM, EDT

If you work in tech or are tech-inclined, join us for a Zoom chat with Groupmuse founders Sam and Kyle and the rest of the team — about the technology that runs Groupmuse, and, more importantly, about how we think about and approach technology in running Groupmuse.

Groupmuse is an online platform -- and a social network, and there’s been a lively and important conversation in recent years about the effects of social networking on the human experience.

At Groupmuse, we spend so much time talking about how to ensure the highest level of values-alignment and integrity in everything we build and everything we do. How can we build a robust and healthy online ecosystem that doesn’t exploit, extract or exacerbate, but rather serves as a scalable force for true cultural regeneration?

Multi-stakeholder cooperativism, transparency, and hybrid funding are all tools in our tool kit that we’re drawing upon. We want to build a radically regenerative platform that uses technology to transform our lived realities in beautiful and abundant ways --

and we believe that your voice can help us get there.

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Sam Bodkin Co-host
Kyle Schmolze Co-host


Geisa Dutra
Emma Rose Lynn
Sooyun Kim
James Kohli
Luba Poliak
Nancy Marble
Ryan Stauffer
Anjali Banthia
Shawn Berry
Jasmina Kulaglich
Vic Ferrer
Jay Julio
Bernhard Kerres
Sylvia V
Scott Marquardt
David Villegas
Steve Payne
Cole Capsalis
Rachel Elson
Adam Lasnik
Liz Hogg
Kevin Hylant
Max Tan
Evan Dorsky
Christos Vayenas
Mosa Tsay
Patrick Peters
Zee Spencer
Adit Basheer
Justin Liu