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e132 @ home: Ravel’s Duo Sonata, an homage to Debussy

Sun, April 25, 2021 3:00 PM, EDT

Reserve a spot for entire 3-part series $3 to reserve, $10+ at each event

Join violinist Abi Fayette and cellist Zach Mowitz for a matinee of string duets! Schoolmates from the Curtis Institute of Music, they met up in Zach's home town of Princeton, NJ to perform an assortment of duos centered around Ravel's groundbreaking Sonata for Violin and Cello, a piece he dedicated to the memory of Claude Debussy.

Other composers featured include Debussy, Schulhoff, and even Zach's own dad, Ira Mowitz. Zach's neighbor and long-time friend, Noriko Schneiderman, has graciously offered to host them for the event.


ensemble132 Chamber Music Collective

Ira Mowitz Duo for Violin and Cello
III. Molto Cantabile é misterioso

Erwin Schulhoff Duo for Violin and Cello
III. Andantino
IV. Moderato

Debussy/Hong "Des pas sur la neige" from Préludes, book I


Maurice Ravel Sonata for Violin and Cello
I. Allegro
II. Très vif
III. Lent
IV. Vif, avec entrain


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Noriko Schneiderman


Lily Press Emcee
Deborah Sherr
Ira J. Mowitz
Linda Vallee
Ricki Goldman
Larry Leive
Alexander Jin
Carol Armstrong
Marcy Rosen
Stephanie Zyzak
Deborah Robbins
Grayson Barber
Carol Salas
Valerie Cuppens Bates
Jim McElwain
Melody Ting
Avani Wildani
Andrea Stine
Sayoko Glasseer
Myra Williams
Sally Strachan
Kaoru Sugioka Kitamura
Judith Blackman Reichman
Suzanne Scollon
Benjamin F Minick
Yat-Yee Chong
Arthur Luehrmann
Kairy Koshoeva
Aaron Mowitz
Janice Carissa
Lee shlifer
Karen James
Lorraine Weinberg
Bob Fies
Catherine Meyer
Frances Hogwood
Evan inatome
Anne Moran
David Foster
David Mishalove
Anthea Spencer
Nicholas Jin
Fumiko Bauer
Martin Schneiderman
Rhoda Papaioannou
Chieko Reed
Ian Bowers
Alison Hankinson
Yukiko Wada
Jennifer Guy
Margaret Ravindranath
Mari Okamoto
Georgia cudina
Jocelyn Eysymontt
Lidia usami
Maya Abtahian
Carol Hastings
Virginie Mathet
Jaroslava Kofoed
Liz Hosny
Giora Griffel
Nancy Merkel
Makiko Kato
Sara Strachan
Tomoe Mull

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e132 @ home: Ravel’s Duo Sonata, an homage to Debussy

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