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The White Shawl

The White Shawl

Sat, April 10, 2021 2:00 PM, EDT

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The White Shawl is a live musical storytelling performance, streamed live from Falun, Sweden and Lafayette, Colorado USA. Christopher Rippey and Daniel Fredriksson narrate an old folk tale, in which a young girl in the far north of Sweden befriends the mythical creatures known as vittra. As her family migrates to America, like so many did at the end of the 19th century, she brings a little of the vittra's magic with her. Based on an archival recording by Lisa Johansson Sandberg recorded in 1955, the story is now brought to life with evocative music, animations and live storytelling.


Chris Rippey
Daniel Fredriksson Mandola

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Christos Vayenas Emcee
Emily Ann
Leena Batra
Anna Kollberg
Ninnie Fransson
Ulf Persson
Jacob Picheny
Linda Fransson
Gloria Cote
Katie Moller de Silva
Robin Smith
Liza Soldatova
Jonathan Reus
Leif Hansson
Meredith M
Celine Fleur
Kara Yokley
Russell Nelson
Paula Symonds
Bhuma Subramaniam
Kimberlie Chenoweth
Aviad Meitar
Alf Arvidsson
Monika Pauli
David Harris
Sheri Richardson
Rania Ghamlouch
Randy Matamoros
James Hollestelle
Mason Rippey
Peter Journeay-Kaler
Carol Journeay
Carol Ferris
Howard and Nina Gorbach
Karin eriksson
Judy Moller-Gavlick

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