This groupmuse happened on Friday, June 4, at 6:30 PM MDT.

This is a Groupmuse Virtual Premiere

An online debut of exceptionally crafted pre-recorded content, coupled with musician + audience videochat.

Virtual Premiere

Firework & Fantasien

Boulder, CO

Fri, June 4, 2021 6:30 PM, MDT

82 of 100 spots still available
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Ken Camper

Join the gracious Ken Camper and me for an evening of fantasias and preludes by Brahms and Debussy! These works boast gorgeous motivic transformation as well as heartfelt harmony. In the second book of these preludes one may hear the greatest music ever written. Many current composers seem to draw inspiration from this set of 12. This mirrors Debussy's own love for and borrowing from the earlier style baroque.


Johannes Brahms (1833-1897)

7 Fantasien op. 116 (1892)
Presto energico
Allegro passionato
Andante con grazia ed intimissimo sentimento
Andantino teneramente
Allegro agitato

Claude Debussy (1862-1918)

Preludes Book II (1913)
I. (Mists)
II. (Dying Leaves)
III. (The Gateway of Wine)
IV. (The Fairies Are Exquisite Dancers)
V. (Heathers)
VI. (General Lavine - eccentric)


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Jerimiah Stephen Otto, almost 2 years ago

I am excited to perform for you this evening. Thank you for offering me your ears! My next concert is June 25th and will feature the work of double manual harpsichord masters √Člisabeth Jacquet de La Guerre, Anna Bon, Carl P. E. Bach and Louis Couperin. Please join violinist Hannah Kennedy and me for a celebration of these Baroque masterpieces! I will see you for Brahms and Debussy at 6:30MDT tonight! J


Eric Silberger Emcee
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Glenda H.
Louis W.
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