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Music of the Renaissance-Daniel Keene, Lute
In-person Concert

Music of the Renaissance-Daniel Keene, Lute


Sat, June 25, 2022 6:30 PM, EDT

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Joseph Martin Safety Guardian

Please join us for a night to enjoy some treasures of the Renaissance by Dowland, Holborne, dall'Aquila, and da Milano by lutenist Daniel Keene! Much of this came together by chance out of the blue, and I think it really worked out splendidly, so perhaps consider joining us in much the same serendipitous fashion! So the Renaissance was supposed to be a return to ancient Greek and Roman thought, the "rebirth" of these sort of cherished models, so even if you've never heard any of these pieces (I probably have only heard the Dowland), this is really just an uber-nostalgia trip for everybody where you can hear the "good old tunes" from the 16-17th century, which are supposed to be covers of tunes from A.D 200-300. This isn't your dad's Eagles'---this is the OG dad's Eagles'.


Francesco da Milano (1497-1543)
Ricercar (4)
Ricercar (1)
Ricercar (51)
Ricercar (40)
Fantasia (28)

Marco dall’Aquila (1480-1544)
Nous bergiers after Clément Janequin

Anthony Holborne (1545-1602)
The Fairy Round
Heigh Ho Holiday
Muy Linda


Francesco da Milano (1497-1543)
De mon triste desplaisir after Jean Richafort
Fantasia (2)
Fantasia (33) "La compagna"

John Dowland (1563-1626)
A Fancy (P 6)
The most sacred Queene Elizabeth, her Galliard
The Right Honorable the Lady Clifton's Spirit
Fantasie (P 1a)


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