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Red Hook Reigns Supreme: Our Biggest Groupmuse TO DATE

Red Hook Reigns Supreme: Our Biggest Groupmuse TO DATE

Sat, December 6, 2014 7:30 PM, EST

0 of 300 spots available
Drinking policy
Bring your own drinks
Toilet with a slash through it
No bathroom at this event

This is a Groupmuse Massivemuse

Epic performances in unexpected spaces.


This extra-special, all-time high capacity groupmuse is taking place at the uber-beautiful reclaimed-iron-works-factory-made-art-gallery-space that is Pioneer Works in Red Hook.

From their website: "the Center gathers artists, scientists and creative thinkers to collaborate outside the boundaries of traditional institutions where specialization often limits the application of ideas across disciplines. Through a community devoted to creative discourse and collaboration, Pioneer Works is a platform where ideas can manifest into their fullest expression."

Sound cool? You have no idea. In my humble opinion, this may be one of our greatest groupmuses yet. You can BYOB or buy beer from a table they'll have set up in the space, and please bring at least $10-15 for the musicians (we have an octet #wut). Be sure to leave a bit of travel time, as it is in Red Hook, and be even more sure to bring along every single person you know in NYC to attend this wondrous occasion.

What's the music?

Tessa Lark Violin
Matt Consul Viola, Violin, Mandolin
Seth Biagini Cello

Mendelssohn octet!

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Jenna T.
Emily S.
Sasha V.
Jon H.
Amber G.
Danielle M.
Sean E.
Sophie B.
James K.
Evan K.
Kate B.
Emmett O.
Nicola M.
Max M.
Jackson Z. C.
Julian S.
Traci P.
Peter K.
Brandon A.
Ketija R.
Marco O.
Wendy R.
Sara R.
Daniel P.
June G.
Michael S.
Pamela R.
Micah T.
Keri S.
Andrew R.
Sidharth S.
Bianca O.
Dina L.
Alexander G.
Karen Nalani E.
Joel D. G.
Elysa S.
Wendy L.
Nicole P.
Kyle S.
Alexander V.
Gopal S.
Clara Y.
Katherine R.
Abraham C.
Walter P.
Garald F.
Amy R.
Dmitry P.
Michael C.
Neil D.
Swen R.
Heavy M.
Stephanie Patricia W.
Zach M.
Benedict W.
Jennie S.
Adi D.
Zachary N.
Louise E.
Marie B.
Elinor A.
David K.
Emmanuel A.
Boris K.
Damien C.
Ann A.
Ismail K.
Lois W.
Anna R.
Susan M.
Emily Brewer Y.
Embry O.
Matt H.
Julia M.
Natasha G.
Alex R.
Violaine M.
Denise L.
Zach G.
David W.
Abhimanyu R.
Peejeh S.
Elena P.
Drew K.
Caspar L.
Hunter M.
Cathy H.
Nathan R.
Stephen N.
Andrea G.
Ohan H.
Amanda Kelly E.
Katarina J.
Lucia R.
Sam H.
Ramona T.
Iviva O.
Adrian D.
Valerie L.
Hannah G.
Isabel L.
Will G.
Miller H.
Samantha L.
Michael P.
Lola F.
Allison M.
Gustavo B.
Erin T.
Daniel L.
Rachel + Jonathan
Sarah B.
Stephen N.
Russell O.
Allison L.
Lawrence H.
Amanda S.
Flora C.
Desiree B.
Christina L.
Andrew L.
Kaitlin V.
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Lyka S.
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Jodi H.
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