This groupmuse happened on Saturday, July 20, at 2:00 AM.

Sat, July 20, 2013, 2:00 AM

A groupmuse is a live classical music house party-concert.

It's casual, friendly, and intimate. Anyone can host one, and anyone can come.

20 spots total
at this groupmuse


Minimum payment
to musicians
$3 reservation fee
Bring your
own drinks



Kyle Schmolze
17th-time host

So this one is gonna be a little different than past Groupmuses. It's gonna be a sight reading party! So it'll just be a regular party with some string players partying on their stringed instruments.

Bring yours and be ready to play if you've got one!

BYOB, as usual, and I don't know what is gonna be played, but it'll certainly be music.

It's going down in Jamaica Plain, right by Jamaica Pond. Closest stop is either Heath Street, or Jackson.

See you there!


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