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Jazz in the Garden

Jazz in the Garden

Sunset Park, Santa Monica

Fri, July 19, 2024 7:00 PM, PDT

Pay the musicians
Drinking policy
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Wheelchair access
Wheelchair Accessible
Kid-friendly event

This is an outdoor groupmuse

A live in-person performance in a backyard or another outdoor space. They're casual and friendly, hosted by community members.


Merrihew's Sunset G.

Join us for a magical musical evening at Santa Monica’s iconic plant nursery, Merrihew’s Sunset Gardens. Merrihew's transforms into an intimate gathering space after hours, so come and enjoy a summer night of jazz amongst the plants + under the stars.

What's the music?

Ben Dabiri Quartet

The program will feature a selection of originals from Ben Dabiri's latest project "Peripheral visions" along with a host of iconic standards reimagined in the context of a modern quartet. Guided by a wide variety of influences which include not only jazz, but hip hop, R&B, and even classical. This quartet blurs the line between genres and aims to bring improvisation and freedom to the forefront of music

Where does this music come from?

Jazz fusion pioneered by visionaries like herbie hancock, miles davis, and john mclaughlin in the late 70s saught to combine the essence of jazz and free improvisation with other styles such as rock and world music.

Ben Dabiri quartet seeks to the same with their respective influences, having grown up in the 90s with hip hop, R&B, Anime, and coldplay


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Dan M. Groupmuse Superhost
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