This groupmuse happened on Thursday, February 26, at 7:30 PM EST.

This is a Groupmuse Massivemuse

Epic performances in unexpected spaces.

GAP Presents! Groupmuse @ the Green Building:  Yet Another Massivemuse

GAP Presents! Groupmuse @ the Green Building: Yet Another Massivemuse

Gowanus, Brooklyn

Thu, February 26, 2015 7:30 PM, EST

Drinking policy
No alcohol at this groupmuse

Gowanus Art + Production is teaming up with Groupmuse for a beautiful night at the Green Building in the Gowanus/Carroll Gardens area. GAP provides innovative spaces for art and live performances and supports artists producing "relevant and meaningful art that engages our local audience." Sound kinda familiar? We thought so too. Come on out for a magical night with a boatload of people in a gorgeous warehouse space and some divine musicians! We will have two uncomfortably profound solo performances, a dance accompaniment, and a full string quartet performance.

This event works slightly differently than the normal groupmuse in that instead of collecting the money at the event, attendees must purchase a $10 ticket ahead of time, and there will be a bar set up to purchase alcohol (as in no BYOB this time around; it's okay, it will be worth it). The space is off of the Carroll St stop on the F/G and the Union St stop on the R.

The ticket link is here:


Sebastian Baverstam Cello, Piano, Composition
Seth Biagini
Wyatt Underhill


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Em Chiappinelli, almost 8 years ago

Less than a week to go! If you have not already purchased your ticket, please do here:

See you all there on Thursday!


Kira Sciberras
Ian Temple
Sophie Berman
Ben Miller
Neil Desai
Sarah Evins
Emily Glaser
Alex Smirnoff
Embry Owen
Hannah Wendel
Jennie Shapira
Laralyn Mowers
Mahealani Lee
Christopher Seifert
Lawrence abbott
Crocker Coulson
Katherine Rodriguez
Melody Giron
Boris Kubrak
Jeremy L.
Jared Horowitz
Anuj Shah
Sarah Cascone
Savera Weerasinghe
Taohou Rasaphone
Rachel Adler
Junko Nozawa
Zachary Thacher
Josh Rhode
Olivera Arezina
Joel Herold
Karen Nalani Encarnacion
Anna Z Papadimitriou
Anna Rindos
Matt Consul
Michael Shin
Meg Vandervort
Pierre E
Danny Binstock
Katherine Moncure Williams
Ross Cunningham
Samuel Berman
Jason Strominger
Ekaterina Kozlova
Virginia McLure
Sondra Gold
Anna Forster-Smith
Tallulah Pomeroy
Theresa spottswood
Christa Sullivan
Rachel tiemann
Alexandra Theran
Alexander Davis
David Zielnicki
Peter Porcino
Katherine Bull
Kimberly Lin
Anna Kubana
Mary Rubi
Evan abel
Ashley Gamell
Jay Solly
Lauren Reinfeld
Richard Buchsbaum
Kunval Sahota
Katelyn Pembroke
Michael Lombardi
Katherine Williams
Ramesh Mantha
Aditi Reddy
Christine Lara Hoff