This groupmuse happened on Friday, March 20, at 8:00 PM EDT.

This is a Groupmuse Massivemuse

Epic performances in unexpected spaces.

DIY OPERA IN A SCULPTURE: Mozart's Schauspieldirektor

DIY OPERA IN A SCULPTURE: Mozart's Schauspieldirektor

Red Hook, Brooklyn

Fri, March 20, 2015 8:00 PM, EDT

Drinking policy
No alcohol at this groupmuse
Age limit
All guests must be 21

Music Director and Conductor: Matthew Aucoin
Director and New English Dialogue: Ben Miller


Sharleen Joynt as Madame Herz
Sharin Apostoulou as Madame Silberklang
Benjamin Bliss as Herr Vogelsang
Paul Holmes as Frank/Buff

Orchestra: amazing Groupmuse musicians from our New York community (full list available the day of).


Matthew Aucoin

Schauspieldirektor? what's a schauspieldirektor? Sounds like the German word for battery acid or something. But it isn't! It means impresario - someone who puts on opera. And that's what Groupmuse is doing. And the opera is called Schauspieldirektor. Meta.

The space: Pioneer Works, an awesome space in Red Hook with music/ dancing after and food trucks and art everywhere.

The main event: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Showed signs of talent. Wrote some of the greatest operas ever. Written for Emperor Joseph of Austria's living room, Mozart's Der Schauspieldirektor is about a dealing with egotistical singers who have to learn to compromise in order to make art happen. There are two fun ensemble pieces and two world-alteringly beautiful arias set inside short'n'snappy new dialogue we're writing just for the occasion. Our set: an art installation called Living Room Index and Pool. The installation, by Yuri Mansyj, consists of sculptural objects—boards, pipes, mats, tubes, chairs, tables, sections of wall—that take their cues from construction sites, furniture design and architecture. These objects relate to things in our world, but through their aestheticization, material quality, and scale produce a slightly-off or uncanny sensibility.


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Ben Miller, almost 8 years ago

Hey all, we're so excited to see you tomorrow night. The venue is at 159 Pioneer Street, Red Hook, Brooklyn. Doors will open at 8PM, and we'll start the performance of Der Schauspieldirektor at 8:30. Please feel free to stick around afterwards, celebrate with us, have a few drinks at the donation bar, and enjoy a postlude performance later in the night. We're almost sold out, so if you know anyone who still needs a ticket, tell them to act fast! If you need to transfer your ticket to a friend, feel free - just have them give us your name at the door and we'll check them in.

Sam Bodkin, almost 8 years ago

Also! If you haven't received an emailed ticket confirmation, it's because we don't send them! All you need is an ID and we'll check you off of our list at the door. See you soon!

, almost 8 years ago

Hi! It says that all 300 spots are filled, but there is still an option to buy if I click the link. Can we still purchase tickets to this event?

Ben Miller, almost 8 years ago

The event is sold-out online. It won't process your credit card information or charge you for tickets. We'll have an update tomorrow or later tonight about whether or not there's expanded capacity/admission at the door.

Rachel G, almost 8 years ago

Hi there! Looking forward to hearing if there will be tickets available at the door (or any more made available for purchase online). Thanks!

Elise Sun, almost 8 years ago

HI! I also would like to know if I can purchase at the door. Thanks! :)

Em Chiappinelli, almost 8 years ago

Yes indeed you can get tickets at the door. We lowered the door price to $20. See you there hopefully!

Jeffrey Lin, almost 8 years ago

Do we need to RSVP if we want to buy tickets at the door?

Em Chiappinelli, almost 8 years ago

Nope all good to just come on by

Jacqueline Wasilczyk, almost 8 years ago

Question, will there be food available for purchase at the venue? And is it standing room only?

Em Chiappinelli, almost 8 years ago

No food for purchase but there is a pizza shop right around the corner from Pioneer Works. There will be seats and floor seating available.


Sam Bodkin Emcee
Katherine Peck
Chance Huskey
Sasha Verma
Kurt Coutain
Mel Johnston
Kate Brassel
Kim Foxen
Jon Menaster
Laralyn Mowers
Cadie Thompson
Jasmin Roman
Susan Gallo
Alex Roy
Jenna Nimar
Allessandra Rose Johnson
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Lynn Juang
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