This groupmuse happened on Thursday, April 23, at 7:00 PM EDT.

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Silent Barn gets down with Groupmuse

Silent Barn gets down with Groupmuse

Bushwick, Brooklyn

Thu, April 23, 2015 7:00 PM, EDT

Drinking policy
No alcohol at this groupmuse

Groupmuse is trekking it to Bushwick for a performance of Tchaikovsky's String Serenade at the Silent Barn! For those who don't already know, Silent Barn is a collectively directed art space in Brooklyn, New York. Functioning round-the-clock as a center of multidisciplinary experimentation, Silent Barn is a place to produce, present, and interact with art of all forms.

They're a dope socially-oriented space and they do a bunch of shows, so we're honored to make it on the roster. There will be 9 musicians with a conductor (shoutout Yuga Cohler), a broken up octagonal stage to sit on, and loads of cool drinks served at their bar. It's off of the Myrtle Ave J/M/Z and the music will start at 7:30-7:45 pm.


Ànnika Brynn-Lascara Jenkins Violin
Yuga Cohler Conductor
Wyatt Underhill Violin
Seth Biagini Cello

Tchaikovsky - String Serenade


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Emily Chiappinelli, over 7 years ago

Good news all! Silent Barn is allowing any Groupmuse attendees who want to stay for their later show at 9 pm to stay for free! See you all very soon


Brian Sunwoo
Scott Stensland
Alex Roy
Sasha Verma
Laura A. Jones
Hadley Brooks
Adi Dahiya
Alyssa Demirjian
Nathaniel Doyno
Emily Brewer Yarnall
Anne Guiney
Sam Corbin
Jothan cashero
Raina Shah
Megan Burt
Judy Yang
Anna Rindos
Hamilton Boardman
Nancy Pothier
Anna J Lee
Margo Derecktor
Trevor Johnston
Stefanos Metaxas
Martin Kemp
Fleur Hoare
Rommy Ghaly
Naomi Baldinger
Ashley Kaufman
Jessica Pearson
Laralyn Mowers
Neeta Sonalkar
Rebecca Black
Zachary Thacher
Chase Moores
Natasha Galitzine
Emily Whildin
Elizabeth LaPorte
Mel Johnston
Stephanie Amirana
Jonathon Kirk
Hannah Wendel
Ezat Luba
Matt Consul
Peter Lee
Leyla makhmudbekova
Katherine Keane
Thomas Grenier
Gregory B Reynolds
James Hughes
Conor O'Boyle
James H. Guest
Ricardo Herrera
Paul Heckler
Victoria Munoz-Lepore
Key Soto
Chirangi Modi
Josh Seegopaul
Allen Wong
Blake Chiao
Victoria Byrner
Jake Kahana
Isabel Patkowski
Molly Beckhardt
Nolan Eley
Jake Kahana
Andrea Vogt
Stuart Reit
Shanna Polley
Winston Wu
Gabrielle Root
Joanne Chong
Emma Pelman