This groupmuse happened on Thursday, May 7, at 7:00 PM EDT.

This is an in-person Groupmuse Concert

A live in-person performance in a living room or private space. They're casual and friendly, hosted by community members.

All Acoustic, All night on May  7
In-person Concert

All Acoustic, All night on May 7

Hell's Kitchen, New York

Thu, May 7, 2015 7:00 PM, EDT

45 of 75 spots still available
Drinking policy
Bring your own drinks
Age limit
All guests must be 21
No bathroom at this event


Please be cautious of the walls of Gallery, and if Art is hanging please be mindful of leaning against objects


Josh Henderson Violin, Viola But Also Book For "Warp Trio" (Violin, Cello, Piano)
JY Lee

Piano Quartet in G minor - Mozart

South Kaky Schlacky - Warp Trio

Black and Tan Fantasy - Duke Ellington

Conversations - Warp Trio


Exact address sent to approved attendees via email.


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Wes F., almost 8 years ago

Who's ready for the next groupmuse at my apt/rooftop? Stay tuned! It'll be posted on so keep your ears peeled


Heavy Meadow Emcee
Kinneret E.
Yin M.
Chris D.
Helen K.
Kevin-Ken K.
Alex S.
Taylor H.
Julie Z.
Alexander V.
Ron B.
Manuel (Max) Norat
Boris K.
Elisha D.
Ranjit G.
Taylor J.
Anthonio D.
Sophie B.
Deni Rene L.
Denzel L.