This groupmuse happened on Sunday, October 30, at 4:30 PM PDT.

This is an in-person Groupmuse Concert

A live in-person performance in a living room or private space. They're casual and friendly, hosted by community members.

North Berkeley Pre-Halloween Treats
In-person Concert

North Berkeley Pre-Halloween Treats

Northwest Berkeley

Sun, October 30, 2016 4:30 PM, PDT

20 spots total at this groupmuse
Drinking policy
Bring your own drinks

Excited to have people come over and hear some beautiful music!


"A little night music"
Nocturnes, Elegies, and Dances by composers Bach, Chopin, Fauré, Debussy, and more.


Exact address sent to approved attendees via email.


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Jessica Stanton, over 5 years ago

Hi everyone! thanks so much for coming, and thanks to Ian and James for the gorgeous music.
If someone left a grey coat and a handbag, please email me to coordinate picking it up - you can also call/text (707) 536-1238. Best, Jessica

Carla MC McCasland, over 5 years ago

That was so wonderful. We especially loved pianist Ian's introduction and history/context to the pieces. It really did help dissolve the barrier between them as performers and us as audience. Our first groupmuse was a special experience and I'm certain it won't be our last.

Ian Scarfe, over 5 years ago

Thanks to everyone, especially our wonderful host Jessica! This was a fun concert. You can all learn more about James and me through our personal websites:

AND ALSO - come to the Trinity Alps Chamber Music Festival next summer!

James Jaffe, over 5 years ago

Thanks Jessica and everyone for a memorable event! As promised back on Sunday, here are our websites for anyone wanting to catch another performance:
And here's the link to the CNBC piece that Florian put together on Groupmuse:

James Jaffe, over 5 years ago

Oh, didn't see Ian's comment..... :P


Débora Cardoso Viapiana
Robert Isaac Cronin
Mariano Simone
Jill Shaw
Mia Yamauchi
Adam Dingle
Evan Dorsky
Carla MC McCasland
Michael Cooper
Edward Opton
Mirabai Commer