This groupmuse happened on Friday, December 9, at 8:00 PM.

Fri, December 9, 2016, 8:00 PM


Massivemuses are extra big, extra special groupmuses organized by the Groupmuse team.


Minimum payment
to musicians
$3 reservation fee
Drinks for sale
at this groupmuse
All guests
must be 21



12th-time host

We're at the dawn of something big: a tradition. Our next [email protected] will mark our second annual HandelAndHaydnHolidayPartymuse. Musicians from Handel and Haydn society, the oldest continually performing arts organization in the United States, are joining us in the legendary Fraser Studio once again, for a night of joy, laughter, music, and bad holiday sweaters.

As a matter of fact, there will be an ugly holiday sweater contest right in the middle of the festivities, so make sure to bring your most horrid, reprehensible, irredeemable holiday sweater, with colors so bright they'll light up the room, and knitted Santas so creepy and awkward, they'll give everyone nightmares.

Let's make this crazy way to celebrate great music and good cheer a robust Boston tradition!

We'll also be streaming the party via Facebook Live so the whole world can see how we get down in Boston!

Happy holidays and we'll see you there!

As with all events in the Massivemuse at WCRB series, there are a couple of options for how to attend:

1) Become a subscriber to the series, for $5/month, here. You get two tickets to each event, plus two drink tokens.

2) Afraid of commitment? It’s $10 at the door with a cash bar – beer and wine available for $5. Claim your spot now for free and pay when you get here!



Members of the Handel and Haydn Society

Oldest Continuously Performing Arts Organization in the United States


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One Guest Street, Brighton, MA, 02135
Additional instructions: Free on-site parking. Details at


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