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Not Errol Flynn & Olivia de Havilland; Not Men in Tights...It Is the Robin Hood Legend in Early Music

Not Errol Flynn & Olivia de Havilland; Not Men in Tights...It Is the Robin Hood Legend in Early Music

Brooklyn Heights

Sun, December 8, 2019 4:00 PM, EST

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This is a groupmuse

A live concert in a living room, backyard, or another intimate space. They're casual and friendly, hosted by community members.


Ensemble Musica Humana, an early music trio, will play and narrate a program of music from the 12th to 17th centuries depicting the legend of Robin Hood. The musicians are Kevin Devine (harpsichord and hurdy gurdy), Lidia Chang (baroque and renaissance flute) and Corrine Byrne (voice). In addition to the rarely heard hurdy gurdy, a delightful feature will be Kevin's small harpsichord, just the right size to squeeze into my parlor floor while maintaining sufficient seating for guests. Please join us for a lovely Sunday afternoon.

Here are the more mundane details — Gather at 4:00 in the afternoon to enjoy the informal company of friends and new acquaintances in my Brooklyn Heights home. The program will begin at about 4:30 PM. I will provide plenty of appetizers. Please bring a beverage (wine, beer, soda) to share and payment to show your appreciation for the musicians. GroupMuse policy requests at least $10/person attending; more is greatly appreciated, especially when we have three musicians who share the proceeds.

A note, if you are wondering -- While our home is technically not accessible, the venue is only one flight up. And, although the event is not specifically kid-friendly, young folks who are interested will be welcome to attend.

What's the music?

Ensemble Musica Humana Harpsichord, hurdy-gurdy, flute, voice

L’autrier jost’una sebissa Marcabru (fl. 1130-50)

Mout me fu grief / Robin m’aime / PORTARE Adam de la Halle (c. 1245-1306)

My Robin Hood is to the Greenwood Gone William Ballet's Lute Book (c. 1600)

Arthur a Bland (Robin Hood and the Tanner) Child Ballad No. 126

Palästinalied Walther von der Vogelweide (c. 1130-1240)

Ah, Robyn, Gentyl Robin William Cornysh (1465-1523)

A round of three country dances in one Thomas Morley (c. 1588-1635)

Sancta Mater Graciae / Dou Way, Robyn Anonymous (English, 13 th c.)


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