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This groupmuse happened on Friday, January 17, at 6:30 PM EST.

Fri, January 17, 2020, 6:30 PM EST

Central Sq, near RedLine T

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Tenor Austin Burns will be performing Neapolitan serenades from his debut album "An Evening in Naples." The program highlights a variety of well known pieces from the Italian songbook. The songs are familiar to fans of the great tenors and even fans of Elvis who adopted many into English language hits!

Voice, piano

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An Evening in Naples

I. Coy Love
Mala Femmena Toto
Luna Rosa Antonio Vian
A vucchella Francesco Paolo Tosti

II. Window Serenades
Maria, Mari!! Eduardo di Capua
Marechiare Francesco Paolo Tosti
Fenesta Vascia trad.

III Songs of Departure
Addio A Napoli trad.
Torna a Surriento Ernesto de Curtis
Non ti Scordar di me Ernesto de Curtis

IV. Songs of the sea
O Marenariello Salvatore Gambardella
Vieni Sul Mar trad.
Santa Lucia trad.

V. A Tragic Turn
Fenesta Che Lucieve Vincenzo Bellini
Tu ca nun Chiagne Ernesto de Curtis
Core n’grato Salvatore Cardillo

VI. The Bright Side
Mattinata Ruggiero Leoncavallo
La Danza Giacchino Rossini
Volare Domenico Modugno
O Sole Mio Eduardo di Capua
A Fake Serenade Austin Burns



Zander Auerbach


Simon Krautwald


Marianne Marrone


Laura Soria


Max Macaluso


Emily Ottinger

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William McAuliffe



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