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Support our efforts to support musicians and beloved community during trying times.


πŸ₯³ We've reached our first goal of $5,000!

😍 We've reached our second goal of $10,000!

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Your donation will support the following Foundation initiatives:

  • Planetary Music Movement

    Expand new Groupmuse series featuring musicians of African descent via concerts, moderated forums, and livestreams. Learn more.
  • Increase Musician Minimums

    Increase guaranteed minimum payment to $100 per musician (up to 3 musicians) and $250 per Planetarymuse musician.
  • Fiscally sponsored projects

    Provide fiduciary oversight, financial management, and other administrative services to musicians and ensembles who would otherwise need to incorporate as nonprofits in order to operate and fundraise.

    Some of our fiscal sponsored projects include:

    • Muzosynth Orchestra (formerly the Moving Orchestra)
    • Classical Keys
    • WineMusic
    • Wave Chamber Collective
    • And more!

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The Groupmuse Foundation is expanding classical music to be more inclusive and vibrant by empowering musicians through financial, technological, and career support.

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