Prepare for success

  • Ask friends and community members to RSVP on
  • Set up floor and chair seating — no rows of chairs!

Emcee your groupmuse

  • Gather everyone together for the music (no side conversations).
  • Give the Groupmuse spiel:
    • Welcome guests to your home.
    • Explain what Groupmuse is.
    • At intermission, remind everyone to pay the musicians, either with cash in the bowl, using our iPhone app or Android app, or at
  • After the music, make sure the payment bowl gets to everyone who’s paying cash.
    Pro tip: After 10-15 minutes, walk around with the bowl for "last call."

Uphold our Community Standards

  • Say hi to everyone!
  • Be respectful of the music, the artists, and the crowd!
  • Promote a safe environment.
  • Make sure folks are comfortable (i.e. older groupmusers have chairs, etc.)