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Sunnyvale, CA
Violin Viola Duo
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The Nguyen-Van Gee Duo is the duet project of violinist, Rochelle Nguyen, and violist, Jill Van Gee. Having played together in chamber ensembles and orchestras, the pair began to explore the duet repertoire as a light-hearted departure from those larger ensembles. What began as a diversion has grown into a legitimate musical undertaking, with inspired performances since 2018. Enjoying the versatility of the violin and viola, the Duo performs music ranging from the standards of Mozart and Martinu to opera arias and Americana. The Nguyen-Van Gee Duo continues to explore and now commission new repertoire to share with audiences in the Bay Area and around the world. The Duo's mission: To bring chamber music to all audiences, new and old, and to share their infectious joy and delight in the art form.

Traditional Repertoire

We play all kinds of classical music, from the standard repertoire (e.g. Mozart, Martinu, Bach, Beethoven, Fuchs, Toch) and beyond (e.g. music by living composers). There is truly something for everyone at each of our concerts.

Performed groupmuses (1)

Nguyen - Van Gee Duo plays live!

  • Saturday, September 12, 2020, at 2:00 PM
  • Sunnyvale, CA

This groupmuse happened over 2 years ago