Become a Groupmuse performer

Get paid to perform in living rooms for attentive audiences.

Groupmuse performers are trained musicians bringing their art form back to the original chamber: the home.

Get paid to share your craft with new listeners in cozy homes all over the city.

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How it works

  • 1

    Approved hosts post dates they can host

    As an approved musician, you’ll be able to see all posted events in all of our active cities.

  • 2

    Approved musicians offer to play

    Offers include an arrangement and program. Approved musicians may bring groups with anyone in them, approved or not.

  • 3

    The Groupmuse team selects the best match

    If there are multiple offers on a single event, the Groupmuse team picks the performers. We match ensemble size to event capacity, ensure equal performance opportunities for different players, and rotate different groups and styles to the same host.

  • 4

    Introduce yourself to your host

    We’ll share your contact info with your host, and make sure you have theirs, to coordinate as needed.

  • 5

    Show up and perform!

    Groupmuse performances aren’t like concert hall performances. People sit on the floor, clap between movements, and ask questions after the show. Take your time, talk about your craft, and help new listeners have a friendly and inviting first-experience with your music!

  • 6

    Your host collects audience contributions

    Your host is responsible for making sure that everyone in attendance pays the musicians with cash in the contribution bowl, or online through Groupmuse. It’s always easier to raise money for someone else than yourself!

Program requirements

Groupmuses feature 45-60 minute programs that focus on historical music. Other than that, design your own programs and include whatever you want to play!


At the show, each audience member pays the musicians ~$20 in cash or online (which we’ll send to you without taking a cut). Groupmuse only keeps the $5 reservation fee for reserving a spot at a show.

We're committed to fair pay for musicians and accessibility for audiences, and we try to be as transparent about it as possible - read more here.


Groupmuses are just as much about community building as they are about music. So please, come early, stay late, hang out, make friends, and enjoy yourself!