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Canvas String Quartet @canvasquartet

String Quartet


The Canvas Quartet is based in NYC and was established in 2023. Our name was born from our first concert which took place in a classical art studio. We have a respect for the classics, yet we are not afraid to go on a limb and take some risks. Today’s musical landscape is constantly changing, and we have a newfound appreciation for smaller, more intimate experiences. We all come from diverse musical backgrounds, leading to a unique and fresh perspective on each piece. We have just begun our journey and hope to see you along the way!


We play classical art music from Europe. We have currently been focusing on Grieg, Mozart, Smetana, and Astor Piazzola.



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Invierno Porteño - Astor Piazzola

Grieg Quartet No.1

Smetana "From My Life"


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