This groupmuse happened on Sunday, March 29, at 11:00 AM EDT.

This is a Virtual Groupmuse.

Connect to great musicians and a warm and welcoming community over live performances streamed into your home.

[livestream] Virtual Classical Brunch!

[livestream] Virtual Classical Brunch!

Sun, March 29, 2020 11:00 AM, EDT

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Our Classical Brunch series continues virtually with a fantastic duo of violin and guitar!

Get cozy at home, make a tasty brunch, and join us for some uplifting music on a sleepy Sunday afternoon!


Needham State of Mind Violin and cello duo

Bach Cello Suite #2 Prelude and Gigue

Bach Violin Sonata #3 Largo and Allegro Assai

Milstein Paganiniana
Cassado Suite for solo Cello
Bartók Solo Sonata Melodia and Presto

Handel Halvorsen Passacaglia


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Groupmuse, over 1 year ago

Hi there,

Although Groupmuse is not hosting any in-person events until after April 30th, rather than cancelling your upcoming Groupmuse the musician and/or host has decided to take the event online as a live-streaming performance! Stay tuned and visit the event page for more details!

Although we all can’t be together in person, we hope this ‘virtual muse’ will bring you a sense of joy and connection during these times of social distancing.

Stay healthy and safe,

The Groupmuse Team

Susan A. Edwards, over 1 year ago

What an amazing concert! I was transported to another world and especially excited by the last piece, a grand finale. Thank you so much, Christos for hosting via Zoom, and to the remarkable sister and brother musicians, Ilana and Eric Zaks.



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