This groupmuse happened on Friday, February 7, at 7:30 PM PST.

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An Early Valentine with Late Romantic Composers
In-person Concert

An Early Valentine with Late Romantic Composers

Marina District, SF

Fri, February 7, 2020 7:30 PM, PST

30 spots total at this groupmuse
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Come join us for a evening of piano/cello/clarinet performing the music of the late romantic composers in anticipation of Valentine's Day the next week! This program utilizing an unusual ensemble of musicians is led by Ian Scarfe, a wonderful and versatile pianist who many of you will know from prior Groupmuses at our house. Scarfe and the other musicians will provide “behind the scenes” introductions to the works on the program, giving the audience some context, history, and a kind of listening guide before each performance. We live on Bay Street, just across from Fort Mason and a stone’s throw from Fisherman’s Wharf. We're close to everything in downtown SF and many restaurants on Chestnut, Steiner and Union streets. It's relatively easy to get here by bus, and parking is easier than in many SF neighborhoods. We hope this will be a low-key event for a wide range of ages and interests. We'll serve (mostly white) wine, beer and snacks (usually some cheese, nachos, etc.) - but feel free to bring the beverage you most enjoy and any snacks you'd like to share. There will be both chairs and floor seating.


Hannah Addario-Berry
Jeffrey Anderle Clarinet

A showcase of late-19th-century romantic music, for clarinet, cello, and piano.

Max Bruch - Selections from 8 Pieces, Op. 83
Carl Fruhling - Trio for Clarinet, Cello, and Piano, Op. 40
Astor Piazzolla - Primavera Portena ("Springtime in Buenos Aires")


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Ian Scarfe, over 2 years ago

Thanks to everyone who was a part of the fun last night! Hannah and Jeff and I were very happy to share this great music with you all.
I forgot to mention - we each keep a little mailing list, to let music-lovers like you know about all our upcoming projects. Do you want to be on our mailing lists? If so - just send me a quick note at [email protected]. I'll make sure you get the VIP treatment.
Also - if you haven't gotten around to making a contribution yet, or feel a sudden inspiration to contribute MORE, you can still go to and send us an extra thankyou.
Last thing - Check out Hannah and Jeff on their websites! Hannah has a great CD you can get! Jeff has amazing things coming up with other ensembles he runs!
-Ian Scarfe


Elizabeth Podolinsky
Lyle David Zoumut
Sakura Kuo
Mary Christy
Thomas P Hall
Cynthia Pelini
Wil Addario-Turner
David Lansky
Tane Bechtold
Joseph Avedisian
Jay Williams
Lynda Johnson
Natalie Shuttleworth
David Fudenberg
Richard Ellis
Fafi H
Alanna Rhodes