This groupmuse happened on Sunday, May 17, at 6:00 PM EDT.

This is a Virtual Groupmuse.

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Concetta's concert

Concetta's concert

Sun, May 17, 2020 6:00 PM, EDT

Hi all,

So glad to get the opportunity to share some music with you even from far away.


Concetta Abbate Violin, Viola, Voice
Benjamin Engel

First Half:

Invention 1- J.S. Bach (Viola and Mandolin Duet)

Improvisations on Violin Fantasies- Telemann (Violin and Voice)

Aurora Sonata- Ysaye (Solo Violin)

Second Half:

Dust Beneath the Floorboards- Abbate (Solo violin)

Treehouse- Abbate (Violin and Voice)

Fronni D’allia- Italian Traditional Arranged by Abbate (Violin and Voice)

Secrets- Abbate (Violin/Voice/Percussion)

Lavender- Abbate (Violin/Voice/Percussion)

Forgetful- Abbate (Solo Violin and Voice)


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Kelly Singel, over 1 year ago

Looking forward to my first groupmuse :)

Liana Vaccari, over 1 year ago

Hi all, we're having some technical difficulties with the Zoom at the moment, for now, go straight to the YouTube link. I'll try to update you if anything changes.

Concetta Abbate, over 1 year ago

Thank you to everyone who joined this concert and stuck it out despite technical difficulties! I hope you and your families stay safe and well and I look forward to playing "in person" Groupmuses again soon

Kyle Schmolze, over 1 year ago

Hi everyone, this is Kyle from the Groupmuse Team. I am so sorry that I missed the show yesterday, and that it prevented everyone from hopping into a Zoom call together. Truly a huge mess up on my part, and I apologize for that. I'm going to issue refunds for the $3 reservation fees that everyone paid, because we didn't hold up our end of the deal!

I also wanted to make sure that everyone was able to pay Concetta for the performance. If you receive this message before 11pm EST today (Monday), you can still open this URL in your browser to pay Concetta directly:

If you get this message after that time, please just shoot me an email at [email protected] with the amount you'd like to contribute and I'll process it on the backend for you, and make sure it gets to Concetta.

Thank you again for being part of the Groupmuse project in these crazy and bumpy times, we hope you join us again, and I promise we are working very hard to smooth everything out over the coming weeks. Thanks again.




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