This groupmuse happened on Tuesday, April 28, at 6:00 PM PDT.

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Two Violins Play Paganini, Bach, Handel, and More!

Two Violins Play Paganini, Bach, Handel, and More!

Tue, April 28, 2020 6:00 PM, PDT



Leclair: Sonata for two violins, op. 3, no. 5 in E minor
Paganini: Selections from 24 Caprices Op. 1 solo violin
Bach: Selections from Partita no. 2 for solo violin
Kreisler: Recitativo and Scherzo for solo violin
Handel/ Halvorsen: Passacaglia for two violins!
Monti: Czardas for two violins!


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Groupmuse Superhost


Kyle Schmolze Emcee
Meir Chen
George Fairbrook
Heather Carvalho
Emma Ventura
Timothy Merritt
Ashley Kaufman
Christopher Saint-Hilaire
Sam Miller-Christiansen
Judith Tate
Melanie Jagla
Ian Manheimer
Ryan Sifferman
Monika Pauli
Michael Berge
Lindsey Wilhelm
Robin Westlund
Mini Liu
Liz Hays
Bill Moulder
Tom Domingues
Anita r Goldstein
Sherri Morris
Lisa Eltinge
Philip Friedel
Tina Kafka
Aditi Rao
Jim Stauffer
Denise Saddler
Carl Denyer
Arnett St Hilaire
Steven E. Lauridsen
Gail Spilsbury
Maxi Matuschka
Gregory B Reynolds
Robin Johnson