This groupmuse happened on Saturday, April 18, at 7:30 PM EDT.

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Aloha, Beethoven: A Hawaiian Livestream Massivemuse
Virtual Livestream

Aloha, Beethoven: A Hawaiian Livestream Massivemuse

Sat, April 18, 2020 7:30 PM, EDT


Groupmuse Superhost

Out in the farthest and most remote reaches of the Pacific Ocean, there’s an unimaginably vast volcanic mountain range that's mostly underwater. The peaks - which we collectively know as Hawaiʻi - that emerge from the Great Blue, standing in the most profound isolation, a distance that makes microns out of six feet, have given our whole world the gift of Aloha. It’s a message of salutation, affection, peace, compassion and mercy - but more fundamentally, it’s a notion that seeks to define the force of love that holds together existence. Oh how greatly we need Aloha in these times.

And, as Providence might have it, quarantined in this most isolated of places, there is a string quartet of four of the rising generation's finest string players cooped up together with nothing but their instruments, a recording studio, and thousands of dollars' worth of A/V equipment. And so this Saturday, naturally, we Massivemuse.

With Tchaikovsky-prize winning violinist Eric Silberger on first violin, the quartet is ready with a profound statement of love from thousands of miles away. See, it turns out that the last monarch of Hawaiʻi - Queen Liliʻuokalani - poured forth with a deluge of song from her imprisonment following the imperialist coup that forced her from power, and this string quartet has worked doggedly to honor her spirit by arranging her music for string quartet*. And so, the first half of the program is a selection of those gems from this ocean oasis, coupled with a few movements of solo Bach because: Bach.

Then, for the second half, the quartet will be delivering the goods: a full Beethoven string quartet - his Op. 18/4. We weren’t messing around when we said we were intent on celebrating this towering Genius in his 250th year, even if every concert hall in the world has fallen dark and silent.

Like all live-stream Massivemuses, we’ll start with a Zoom hang, and then head to a high-quality livestream, and then come back to Zoom for a Q&A conversation with the artists.

We’re charging $3 to reserve a spot, and asking folks to pay-what-you-can at the performance.

Note: The event starts at 7.30pm Eastern Daylight Time.

Can’t wait to see you there!

*Read more about the group's incredible work here.


Mann-Wen Lo Violin
Duane Padilla Viola

3 Arrangements of Queen Lili’uokalani for String Quartet
1) Ku’u Pua I Paoakalani
2) Ke Aloha O Ka Haku (more commonly known as Lili’uokalani ‘s Prayer)
3) Nohea I Mu’olaulani (a collaboration between Queen Lili’oukalani and Royal Hawaiian Band Leader Mekia Kealaka’i)

J.S. Bach - Cello Suite III Prelude - Joshua Nakazawa
J.S. Bach - C major Allegro Assai for Solo Violin - Eric Silberger

L. V. Beethoven - String Quartet op. 18/4


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Groupmuse, about 2 years ago

Hi all,

Many of you asked about how to stay updated regarding the string quartet's project recording Queen Liliʻuokalani's music -- you can do that by going here: You can also support their work there as well, and any contributor who gives $40 or more will be sent a CD automatically once the project is completed.

Lastly, two of the brilliant players in the string quartet have another groupmuse coming up next week, and they'd love to see you there:

Till the next 'muse!


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