This groupmuse happened on Saturday, June 20, at 7:30 PM EDT.

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Paganini's Monument, Eric Silberger's Hour
Virtual Livestream

Paganini's Monument, Eric Silberger's Hour

The Internet

Sat, June 20, 2020 7:30 PM, EDT

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Some two centuries back, a wild-man violinist named Niccolò Paganini roamed Europe, veritably freaking people out with his electrifying virtuosity. Some just assumed he'd sold his soul to the Devil for chops like that. He set the standard for performance practice for generations to come, and he left behind a large body of work - most notably his 24 Caprices for Solo Violin, regarded as among the most dazzling and challenging pieces ever written for violin.

Enter Eric Silberger -- Tchaikovsky Competition prize winner and master of the high-quality live stream. He's the man for the job, no doubt. Last month, he heroically performed all 24 Caprices, end-to-end, for a West Coast crowd to staggering effect, and this Saturday night, he's bringing the show to more easterly time zones.

The performance clocks in at just over an hour and it is really a sight (and some sound) to behold.

Our pre-concert Zoom starts at 7.30pm EDT, then it's off for an 8pm live-stream, and then it's back to Zoom for a post-game Q&A with our exhausted hero.

Can't wait to see you all there!


24 Caprices by Niccolò Paganini

Caprice in E major 'L'Arpeggio': Andante
Caprice in B minor: Moderato
Caprice in E minor: Sostenuto – Presto – Sostenuto
Caprice in C minor: Maestoso
Caprice in A minor: Agitato
Caprice in G minor 'The Trill': Lento
Caprice in A minor: Posato
Caprice in E-flat major: Maestoso
Caprice in E major 'La chasse': Allegretto
Caprice in G minor: Vivace
Caprice in C major: Andante – Presto – Andante
Caprice in A-flat major: Allegro
Caprice in B-flat major 'Devil's Laughter': Allegro
Caprice in E-flat major: Moderato
Caprice in E minor: Posato
Caprice in G minor: Presto
Caprice in E-flat major: Sostenuto – Andante
Caprice in C major: Corrente – Allegro
Caprice in E-flat major: Lento – Allegro Assai
Caprice in D major: Allegretto
Caprice in A major: Amoroso – Presto
Caprice in F major: Marcato
Caprice in E-flat major: Posato
Caprice in A minor: Tema con Variazioni (Quasi Presto)


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Groupmuse, over 2 years ago

Hi all,

Zoom seems to be having a bit of trouble today -- input this link into your browser to join the Zoom chat now:

If you can't join for the Zoom, the concert starts at 8pm EDT on Youtube and you can watch it here:

See you soon!


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