This groupmuse happened on Saturday, August 29, at 7:00 PM EDT.

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NOLA Chamber Fest and Group 2 Present: Group 2 on Groupmuse Debut

NOLA Chamber Fest and Group 2 Present: Group 2 on Groupmuse Debut

Sat, August 29, 2020 7:00 PM, EDT

As winners of NOLA Chamber Fest's 2020 Ranney and Emel Songu Mize Graduate Division, Group 2 has partnered up with NOLA Chamber Fest to present to you our debut streaming concert on Groupmuse!! As the first saxophone quartet to present on the platform 😱, we are elated to share with you the array of music we have learned over our tenure together!! EVERYONE is welcome, and we are 🤩excited🤩 to combine communities from Lansing and New Orleans in this exciting performance!! Thank you to Lyrica Baroque, University of New Orleans and Friends of Music for presenting NOLA Chamber Fest each year!


Group 2 Saxophone Quartet

Manhattan Beach - John Philip Sousa
Quartet in F major - Maurice Ravel
Quatuor - Guy Lacour
In Memoriam - Joel Love
Adoration - Florence Price
I Need Your Love - Calvin Harris


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Lyrica Baroque presents NOLA Chamber Fest


Ianjoe (Joey) Chang Emcee
Alice Loo
Leena Batra
Terry Young
Lenda Faye Matthews
Ben Baldwin
Tucker Fuller
Laura Erdman Wheeler
Tamer Acikalin
Dr. Ranney Mize
Glenn Camp
Maria Schoon
Laneyse Hooks
Candace Roberts
Zoe Dittman
Mabel E MacMillan
Debra Epler
Rachel Zheng
Emmeline MacMillan
Joanne Huang
Denys Carrillo
David Lopez
Gabrielle Fischler
Janet miller
Judy Moyer
William Hueholt
Shelton Shugar
Kayla Bull
Margaret E. Shields
Bert epler