This groupmuse happened on Saturday, August 29, at 6:00 PM PDT.

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Red, White & Rhapsody in Blue

Red, White & Rhapsody in Blue

Sat, August 29, 2020 6:00 PM, PDT

Let's celebrate the end of summer together with an All-American program featuring gorgeous music of Amy Beach (America's first female composer), Zach Gulaboff Davis (a current day award-winning composer), and George Gershwin. What could be more celebratory than performing Rhapsody in Blue with two hands for you after three years of right hand recovery from four surgeries to heal fractures? Looking forward to sharing music together.


Amy Beach: Dreaming
Zach Gulaboff Davis: Nocturne written for Lisa Spector
Gershwin-Wild: 3 Virtuoso Etudes
Embraceable You
The Man I Love for left hand only
Fascinatin' Rhythm
Gershwin Rhapsody in Blue


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Groupmuse, over 1 year ago

Hi everyone - if you're having any trouble getting into the stream tonight you can join the Zoom directly by copy-pasting this URL:

Or pull up the stream directly in Groupmuse here:

Groupmuse, over 1 year ago

Hi everyone, so sorry the streaming link didn't work! We had to change it last minute. Please just pull up the streaming page on here:

Or try the youtube link here:

And the zoom after the show will be here:

Lisa Spector, over 1 year ago

Hey Groupmusers - Thanks for waiting patiently last night as we worked out the technical glitch and quickly changed to a new YouTube link. Phew, glad we made it.

It was a pleasure sharing music with you and "meeting" some of you post concert in the Zoom room.

The YouTube video didn't save any of your wonderful comments, and I only caught a couple live. I'd love to see what you wrote. Feel free to share them here or in an email to me at [email protected].

Thanks so much! Hope to stream you soon.

Play on,


Kyle Schmolze Emcee
Jane Nicoletta
Philip Harwood
Linda Schurer
Donna Perry
Edwin Ferran
David Villegas
Tammy Damon
Zach Davis
Alexandra Alznauer
Carol Lee
Taylor Poulin
Starr Brown
Elizabeth Brown
Ian McGee
Linda Krauskopf