This groupmuse happened on Sunday, December 20, at 3:00 PM EST.

This is a livestreaming Groupmuse Virtual Concert

A live virtual performance with community videochat and a Q&A with the artists.

A Faure Barcarolle and the Wanderer
Virtual Livestream

A Faure Barcarolle and the Wanderer


Sun, December 20, 2020 3:00 PM, EST

100 spots total at this groupmuse
Drinking policy
Bring your own drinks


Dave McLellan Co-host

Happy to be back and share with you two opposite esthetics in music with composers Gabriel Faure and Franz Schubert


Gabriel Faure: Barcarolle no 3 in G flat Major op. 42
Franz Schubert: " Wanderer" Fantasy op. 15


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De'Siree N. Reeves Emcee
James R.
Nagy L.
Samir K.
Naji H.
Eric H.
David S.
John S.
Elizabeth C.
Lady Christine Ong S.
Judith K.
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